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Nav2Task is a task reporting, location update, and site attendance mobile-to-web application.
Task Triggering
Task Reporting
In-App Imaging
Location Tracking
Delivery Verification
Customer Survey
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Task Triggering

Location Attendance
With the task automatic triggering, the company representatives or technicians confirm their attendance and presence when reaching the assigned site. This will make them free to focus on their task immediately without having to worry about telling their supervisors or communicating with them to inform them of their attendance to tackle the assigned task.

Task Reporting

Performance Assurance
Reporting is an important part of every task. Having the opportunity to write down your findings on the spot can reduce the amount of time needed to report the problems and fixes. It also allows the representative or technician to give a clear and accurate description without missing important details. It can also give the supervisors an instant understanding of the situation and plan for a solution with no delay. Task reporting includes:
Task Imaging
User reporting
Customer Survey
Verification of work done or reporting a problem is a very important part of communicating the findings that need attention. Taking images with information printed directly on them such as location, time, task name and more, can increase the trust relation between supervisors and representatives. Supervisors can be assured that the pictures are authentic and the representative does not have to worry of confirming the authenticity of his actions.

One way to solve disputes and knowing the customer’s views and opinions is encouraging customer to answer a small survey. This will help the company improve its services to the customers and the relationships between the clients and the company’s representatives. Customer satisfaction can make a great impact on business success.

Location Tracking

Commuting Monitoring
Knowing the actual movement of the representative is an important aspect of solving any problem that might happen along the way. Following up with the representative during movement can communicate to the management important information. This information will help in directing the representatives the best ways to reduce commuting time and any other problems that might happen along the way.

Delivery Verification

Client Satisfaction
An important aspect of confirming delivery to the right party is code verification. When a code is sent to a customer, the client can confirm the meting with the company’s representatives or technicians by giving them back the code which they in turn send it back to the server using the application code verification feature.

Admin Web Interface

Operation Control
Full administration is provided to give the management complete control of the task management operation. The admin web interface provides three types of admin control:
  • Admin user full control.
    This type of user has full control of all functions.
  • Report user
    This type of user is limited only to reporting pages and functions.
  • Client Customized user
    This type of user can have specific functionality customized according to client requirement.


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